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Water Skiing is the granddaddy of water sports, and for good reason.  It not only offers loads of fun for beginners, but serious enthusiasts can always find new challenges that will push them to improve their skills.

When it comes time to choose your water ski, Sail & Ski is your one-stop shop for all of your water skiing needs.  Whatever your ability level, our knowledgeable staff can help you select the right skis from the latest and best models available today.  We have everything from combos and wide-body slalom designs perfect for beginners to pro models that deliver extreme performance, and everything in between.  Sail & Ski only carries the top of the line brands in water skis, H.O. Sports and Radar.

As your water skiing skills progress, Sail & Ski's staff will be right by your side to help you find the right equipment for your ability level and skiing style. 


Sail & Ski lets you "Try Before You Buy"!

Not sure which board, ski or bindings combination is right for you?  Not a problem... with the "Try Before You Buy" program, you can rent out any board, ski or bindings, take them to the lake and test them out whenever you want.  Once you find your perfect fit, all rental charges will be applied to the cost of the board, ski and/or bindings that you purchase... it's that easy!  See a knowledgeable Sail & Ski Retail Representative to get started today!